Tubal Recanalisation for reversal of sterilisation

Tubal Recanalisation for reversal of sterilisation

Tubal recanalisation is a surgery done on the tubes for reversal of the permanent method  used for sterilisation in women. Although sterilisation is a simple procedure, reversal of sterilisation requires a lot of expertise and skill.

Reversal of sterilisation is requested by a woman after she has undergone sterilization by tubectomy because,she may either lose her children or want  to remarry and have children by her new husband.  In such instances it is possible to recanalise the tubes  by way of tubal microsurgery.  Laparoscopic recanalisation has been done succesfully in Sun medical centre.  Small tiny instruments are used  and under magnification provided by the laparoscope, the blocked ends of  the tubes are cut and the cut ends recanalised making the tube patent again.  Tubal microsurgery is also possible for women who have blocked tubes as a cause of infertility.

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