Hysteroscopic polypectomy

Hysteroscopic  polypectomy

Hysteroscopic polypectomy is done for women with endometrial polyps. endometrial polyps present with irregular or heavy bleeding.

This can be cured with the procedure called hysteroscopic polypectomy.


Presentation: Many times women have slight intermittent bleeding off and on during their monthly cycle. These

are sometimes caused by small tag like growths in the uterus called polyps.  These polyps may sometimes not

be seen on routine ultrasonography.

An instrument called the hysteroscope is passed vaginally into the uterus under anaesthesia and the uterus visualised

through a camera on a screen.  These small polyps can be removed under vision with the help of special instruments


Sometimes women may have heavy bleeding if the polyps are big.  These polyps can be seen on ultrasonography.  These polyps can

be resected with the help of hysteroscope.Video on hysteroscopic polypectomy:

The patient is admitted in the morning and can be discharged in the evening after the procedure.  There is no need to take rest from routine

work after this procedure is over.